The Pub Dialogues

The Pub Dialogues is a FREE monthly public engagement series that brings people out of cyberspace and into neighborhood pubs and breweries to discuss important topics face-to-face.

Facilitators from OvalOptionskeep discussions civil, open, engaging and progressive, as well as to capture main points, issues, concerns and ideas.  All you gotta do is show up, talk and listen!

These sessions allow people with different, and possibly opposing viewpoints, to:

  • Actually meet

  • Engage in face-to-face discussion

  • Disagree in civil fashion

  • Better understand perspectives

  • Learn more about topics at hand

  • Collectively tackle issues to find solutions and progress

  • Experience dialogue and how it can be applied to everyday life

Why the pubs and breweries?  Harken back to the good ole days when people discussed issues at the local tavern, instead of complaining and name-calling on the Internet. The Pub Dialogues aims to help people discuss social, governmental, religious, cultural, scientific, philosophic and personal issues in a civil, constructive and focused manner. And help people meet and understand others and their perspectives.

For topics of discussion, please follow us on Facebook. Public input and suggestions for topics is encouraged. Typical starting time is 6:30pm, but check our Facebook page for updates.

These events are FREE of charge to all ages (21 to drink).  Drinking not required, but if you do please drink responsibly!

If your brewery or pub would like to host a Pub Dialogue, please let us know! Past sessions have been held at:


Next Pub Dialogue

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